About Us

CancerFreeHIV is a public health initiative dedicated to achieving equity in cancer prevention, cancer treatment, and cancer clinical trial access for people living with HIV (PLWH).

CancerFreeHIV was created by Dr. Allison Graeter as a public health project in her final year of medical school after learning about cancer-related healthcare disparities faced by PLWH. Dr. Graeter had the opportunity to do a clinical rotation in medical oncology at The National Institutes of Health where she worked with the HIV and AIDS Malignancies Branch. While she had experience in cancer research and was training for medicine in Washington D.C., (the area with the highest incidence rate of HIV in the country) Dr. Graeter realized she knew very little about non-AIDS defining cancers in PLWH. With guidance from Dr. Kate Lurain and Dr. Ramya Ramaswami from the HAMB branch at the NCI, Dr. Graeter set out to create an educational campaign to raise awareness about the increased risk of cancer in PLWH, even when virally suppressed on HIV therapy. Along the way, physician scientists studying HIV-related cancer have provided clinical expertise and guidance to ensure the accuracy of all information presented on this website. We believe in providing up-to-date evidence-based educational material on cancer prevention, cancer screening, and cancer treatment for PLWH. While CancerFreeHIV is still in its infancy, we believe our message is important and powerful, and we have great plans for the future. Join us in demanding #CancerFreeHIV.

While our website and twitter campaign are currently patient-focused, we are expanding and creating content for provider education - stay tuned.

CancerFreeHIV is not affiliated with any organizations referenced on our website, including the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute and its HIV and AIDS Malignancy Branch, the Centers for Disease Control, the AIDS Malignancy Consortium, the American Cancer Society, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, or the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. We provide educational material from these organizations because they are nationally recognized as leaders in HIV-related cancer and use scientific studies and data to support their claims.

If you are interested in supporting CancerFreeHIV, please send an email to info@CancerFreeHIV.org. We are always looking for:

  • Community advocates

  • Patient advocates

  • Volunteers with experience in public health, web design, or graphic design

  • Healthcare providers or researchers who wish to contribute to the website or work with CancerFreeHIV

  • Organizations interested in partnering with CancerFreeHIV