Use the links below to find additional information on HIV and cancer from reputable sources.

General information about cancer and HIV

National Cancer Institute- HIV Infection & Cancer Risk

National Comprehensive Cancer Network - Cancer in People with HIV

American Society of Clinical Oncology - HIV/AIDS Related Cancers

American Cancer Society - HIV, AIDS, and Cancer

The Well Project - Cancers and HIV

New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute - HIV and Cancer - What is the link?

Cancer Treatment in PLWH

American Society of Clinical Oncology -HIV/AIDS Related Cancers: Types of Treatment

Lymphoma in PLWH

National Cancer Institute -AIDS Related Lymphoma Treatment

American Cancer Society - Treating HIV Associated Lymphoma

Cervical cancer in PLWH

World Health Organization - Cervical Cancer

Kaposi sarcoma in PLWH

National Cancer Institute -Kaposi Sarcoma Treatment

Cancer Prevention in PLWH

HIV Treatment - An Essential Component of Cancer Prevention and Treatment

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease - HIV/AIDS Treatment

Centers for Disease Control - HIV Treatment

National Institutes of Health HIV Information -HIV Treatment: The Basics